Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woah Dream Big!

I know, this is a once and a life time experience right now, I never blog. I'm really being a horrible blogger this whole semester, I apologize forever - BUT none the less I am here to share a new editorial that I fell in love with and couldn't help but put here. I promise once my internship ends in December I will be back to normal blogger things like regularly posting, posting on twitter more etc. I miss all of my usual blogs I read, and all of you readers! Don't forget about me I will be time...

Material Girl
Photographers: Elliot and Erick Jimenez
Model: Courtney Vogler
Styling: Bee

These last two are my favorites of the editorial, I'm in love with the sparkle and embellishments in the pictures that were added on after the photograph was taken, so fun and magical.

Back to reality....
lovelove, M.
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