Wednesday, December 30, 2009

dreaming of living in a different world

I have been lusting over the all the costumes in the film An Education, which I have already made a post about awhile ago here. The costumes are all gorgeous.

credit; here

but I really just would love to know where the dress in that picture is from,
and where I can get my hands on the same one!

This spread from Vogue, Semptember 2009 editorial really reminded me of the movie, and the clothing from An Education.

more here

This is the last post of 2009! I can't believe tomorrow will be 2010 - it's gone so fast, and hasn't been the best year for me but I'm excited for change and to become who I really want to be with a great internship and my loved ones around me. Everyone have a lovely New Year, see ya in 2010!

lovelove, M.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE Stephen Sprouse

For Christmas I received "The Stephen Sprouse Book", now I'm not going to lie I am not too familiar with him, maybe heard of him once or twice, but I'm always up to learning new things about fashion designers of course. My mom had found out about this book when she was reading my Teen Vogue Handbook, "I always have reference books around. This book on Stephen Sprouse is a must read for anyone aspiring to work in fashion." -Amy Astley, so my mom decided I should have it, good choice mom!

As soon as I looked at the book I knew I was going to enjoy it, how can you not - it comes in four different colors all of which are neon, with a metallic silver cover and pages sprayed neon it definitely catches your attention.
Most of the book is pictures either Sprouse himself took - mostly polaroids (which is another big plus for me), pictures of his collections, sketches or pictures of him with Debbie Harry, model Teri Toye, ANDY WARHOL, and more! I was completely inspired by reading his story and how he was basically the Andy Warhol of the 80s, taking Andy's prints and paintings and being the only one allowed to make fabrics off of them. Creating the "head-to-toe" look of one pattern down the whole body, or one color (which is very 60s mod in my opinion). There is a certain edge to Stephen that is completely different then everything I have exposed myself too before - I loved learning about him and where his inspiration came from - mainly Debbie Harry, Edie Sedgwick, Jim Morrison, and Andy Warhol. The book is filled with quotes from close friends and family as well as others in the business like Marc Jacobs (ah). Marc loved Stephen's work and eventually got stephen to collaborate with him for Louis Vuitton's 2000 collection. I know this is mostly ramble but there is too much in the book to talk about! Definatley go check it out if you can, it's amazing!

pictures from the book

Teri Toye and Debbie Harry at the book launch, in Sprouse designed clothes

Polaroids taken by Sprouse of Debbie Harry in his designs

collaborations with Marc and Louis Vuitton

lovelove, M.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holidays Recap

Hello all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I always get so depressed when Christmas is over, especially when my family takes down all the Christmas decorations in my house! I thought I'd share some pictures from my holiday, and some gifts I got!

my christmas tree, and my favorite ornament, Big Ben of course!
more decorations around the house

The most decent picture of my outfit for Christmas I have,
sparkly tights are my new favorite - even though you can't tell in this picture

My sister and I with my dog <3

Now for the gifts -
Gloves like these, although mine are velvet! & Chance by Chanel

Audrey Hepburn International, and The Stephen Sprouse book (more on him VERY soon)

Andy Warhol Shoes Calendar, Kimchi Blue Dress

Deena & Ozzy Loafers in black, Diana Dreamer (!!!!)
and last but not least
this wonderful Hello Kitty Alarm Clock!

The lovley Shannon from Dirty Hair Halo awarded me this blog award! It is my first, and I'm not going to lie I was a little excited (I know it's silly) & and also to all of you followers thank you so much for following! I hope you like what you're seeing!

Now to pass on the award

Thank you all for your inspiration, I love your blogs!

lovelove, M.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas bloggers!
I hope you get everything you want :)

lovelove, M.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new outfits

I thought I'd let you see some outfits I've been wearing or have bought recently!

Urban Outfitters sweater; H&M tank top;
CVS tights; consignment shop belt; boots from Ebay

Rodarte for Target slip dress!! Christian Siriano heels - on sale for $30 at Payless
I finally have a "little black dress" I have never owned one I actually liked, I'm in love with this dress even though everyone in the world has it, it's still perfect and very worth risking my life driving in the snow for. (so is the rest of the line, if you're by a Target go in!)

Jack BB Dakota dress via Ruche, Christmas gift from my boyfriend <3
and sparkly tights from Forever 21
it's gorgeous but someone please find me navy heels, I need them so badly!

lovelove, M.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maps galore!

Recently I discovered the cutest website ever, that had two of my favorite things - maps and bags! Maptote created by Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick because of their love of travel, maps and design. They have created cute cotton tote bags with silk screened sketched maps and landmarks of popular cities around the world.

My favorite thing sold is the Mapnote for only 4 dollars!

Here are some examples of tote bags in different sizes and styles!

Go check it out and see if your favorite cities have accessories here!
lovelove, M.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

BB Dakota

I wanted to introduce you guys to BB Dakota, full of wonderful clothes for any kind of girl. It stared up in 2005 with just the BB Dakota line, and now has branched off into Jack BB Dakota as well for a more youthful fun look. I love every piece from each collection but I wanted to share some of my favorites.

These two are from their holiday 2009 Lookbook;
Jack BB Dakota; BB Dakota

Some of my favorite pieces;
both BB Dakota looks

The Dakota Collective website is full of clothes, inspiration, music and more that makes their line more amazing and lets the customer get the total experience of their line, which is what they are all about - the lifestyle and experience of the clothing.
Visit their blog here

lovelove, M.
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