Tuesday, December 1, 2009


During Thanksgiving, I search my grandmother's house for things I haven't seen yet. Stepping into her house is literally like stepping into a thrift store. Half because she volunteers at one and sorts all the jewlery before it goes into the store (which means TONS of free jewlery) but also because she likes to collect ridiculous but amazing things.
I finally found her senior yearbook (1946) that she had not remembered where she put, it was the most amazing find ever. She showed me her high school boyfriend, and shared memories. But obviously my favorite part was staring at the fashion, and hairstyles, but mainly my beautiful grandma.

and I love her senior quote.

Right after that, I found this amazing spread from Vogue U.K. in January 2006
photographer: Paolo Roversi

lovelove, M.


sarah said...

beautiful! i love old photos like this.
i wish i could get my hands on some of my grandparents'.

M. said...

yess, old photos are my favorite

You Are My Fave said...

Oh goodness, I love the class of 2006 spread. It totally reminds me of 13 Going on 30. Ever seen it? If you haven't, it's a must for your weekend.

M. said...

haha yes it reminds me of that too! and of course I've seen it, amazing movie!

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