Friday, December 4, 2009

College Fashionista

I got the opportunity to be a Style Guru for Amy, and Collegefashionista this past week. I went around my university taking pictures of the fashionistas for the website and wrote a little paragraph about the style. Amy the leader of the blog then made the post! I'm so excited to have an opportunity to be apart of this blog, it's so much fun!

for pictures and more check it out here!

lovelove, M.


Style Bird said...

I love your post..the CF site is cool.

M. said...

thanks :) yeah collegefashionista is a great site!!

Amelia said...

Congrats lovely article.
I love your blog too =D thanks for commenting and I must admit a little part of me only bought things to get the carrier bag =)

M. said...

hahaha I'll probably do the same thing :)

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