Thursday, December 3, 2009

Color Beauty

Everyone want to know my new favorite color, for basically anything and everything?
Rose! it's beautiful, and let me tell you - I'm not a fan of pink and haven't been since middle school but for some reason this pale pink shiny tone has caught my eye and I'm determined to find something this shade and wear it everywhere!

credit: nylon

I also found this amazing necklace, I already told my boyfriend to buy for me once we have jobs thats the perfect rose color: Calendar Necklace from Dalla Nonna Jewelry

it also is available in silver, yellow gold and white gold.
You pick the color rhinestone you want, and the day you want it on.
I'm in love with it, and hopefully one day will have it for my own!

lovelove, M.


Stevie said...

I'm with on it. I am loving rose right now. Beautiful necklace.

mart and lu said...

what a neat necklace..very creative! i'm so into metallic fabrics right now!

Kallie said...

that necklace is amazing. yea, pale pink has been slowly taking over my life, its suddenly become such a festive color for this time of year.

Faridah said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, what a unique piece. What date would you get on it?

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