Sunday, September 20, 2009

gimme these shorts, someone please!

I register for my seminars at Teen Vogue Fashion U tomorrow morning, I'm waking up at the crack of dawn so I am guaranteed to see DVF. fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


After waiting most of the summer, I finally heard from Teen Vogue and have been accepted to Teen Vogue's Fashion University! I will get to attend classes and seminars with many famous desingers cough DVF cough! I also get to attend private shopping events, and more! I am beyond excited to finally experience this and tell you all how it goes!
I also scored a interview with a web designer for Marc Jacobs, that will soon be up too.

Until then
lovelove, M.

Rain or Shine

As many other fashionista's did, Q. and I got to attend New York's Fashion's Night Out the kick off of New York City's Fashion Week. I have been anticipating this night for so long planning and planning and re-planning which stores across New York City I wanted to visit. Finally myself, my roommate from college and Q. decided on having our big and most eventful stop of the night to be Bergdorf Goodman because of the many designers (Zac Posen, Alexander Wang, Manolo Blahnik etc) were supposed to attend along with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen serving drinks, which was the main reason I was so excited to go, I needed to see my idols. To make a long story short, after waiting in many lines, squeezed together with many fashionista's from all over we did not get to see MK & A or anyone else for that matter because of the massive amount of fashionable ladies and gents at Bergdorf's.
On a side note, the only good thing that came out of it was getting to talk to random people in lines, Q. and I had the chance to meet the Skinny Intern fashion blogger from Miami! She was so sweet and I wanted to share her blog with you, check her out!
After the disappointment at Bergdorf's we made are way from Miu Miu to see Alexa Chung DJ, to Payless to meet the not so lovely Christian Siriano who you could tell was not thrilled by 9pm to pose with his many fans. Finally we all made our way to Soho and Bleecker St which we found much more fun, and much less crowded. Ended in the Marc Jacobs Accessory store spending $$ on wonderful things instead of the official Fashion's Night Out tee that was sold out in .2342 seconds. Disappointing.

Overall I was not a fan of Fashion's Night Out, very disorganized and very unrealistic.

Some pictures to sum up the night:
Manolo Blahnik chattin' it up

lines at Bergdorf Goodman

Alexa Chung Djing at Miu Miu and yours truly

Christian Siriano's model

yours truly and Christian, like the pose?

Marc Jacobs women's accessory store

Ralph Lauren

living mannequin

Fashion Inside Out

This post for me, is way over due. Last fall I got the opportunity to meet Project Runway runner up Daniel Vosovic and have his latest book Fashion Inside Out signed. Daniel or as I call him "Danny V" (yes I have a pet name for him) is one of my favorite designers through out every season of Project Runway so I was extremely excited. During his book signing he talked about his new book, and what got him to where he is, and what he is planning to do. Honestly it was eye opening to me to listen to him tell his fans about studying abroad, learning from different internships and how he is still learning being a new designer in the fashion industry. I stayed after the book signing to try and steal some more one on one time with him to talk more, which I luckily got along with my two friends. He mentioned how crazy the industry is and how anyone aspiring to be in it needs to work hard and want it. I then asked about interning with him and his company, which he was then nice enough to give an email address and information about someday working with him, you can imagine how excited I was. I still am in contact with his assistant and still hope to soon intern with him, it would be a dream come true.

For now I would like to re- celebrate my meeting Danny V with telling you bloggers that Daniel won the All Star Challenge for Project Runway last Thursday! He made a gorgeous mini collection that was edgy and sporty and included all my favorite colors: black, white and royal blue! I'll leave you with my favorite photo of him in the his book, and the cover of his book. Everyone should go get a copy inside he teaches you how to make patterns, sketch, and about the industry in general! It's a great find.

lovelove, M.

Modern Day Twiggy

Since the 1960s Twiggy has been a fashion icon in both the UK and the US, but who is becoming the modern day Twiggy? I vote for Pixie Geldof, sister of Peaches Geldof. Not only is her name Pixie, but she's rockin' the pixie haircut just like Twiggy did, but what's different? The style, the clothes, the colors. Here's a recent spread from Vogue UK September 2009 Issue:

Image Credit : Foto Decadent via Live Journal

Loving the leather, black and studs. I can not wait for fall to try and recreate these looks!
lovelove, M.

In Style

I recently came across a photoshoot and article about Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordin-Levitt from the new film (500) Days of Summer. I luckily got to see the film early in New York City yesterday and loved it, but I wanted to share the photoshoot from the August 2009 In Style magazine.
In love with the setting;
In love with the clothes;
In love with the people;
In love.

Oh Audrey

I have been using most of my time in the past week to research everything and anything about the wonderful Ms. Audrey Hepburn. I have always been interested in learning about her but never had the time, and never had her movies on hand. Recently for my 19th birthday I got a box set with three of her many movies she stared in, the classic Breakfast At Tiffany's also Roman Holiday and Sabrina. I've have fallen in love with her classic and classy looks.

I hope all you bloggers will go out and rent ALL of her movies even the ones I have yet to see and get some inspiration for yourself, for now here is some of my favorite photos.

Beautiful hair, make up and clothes. Classy Sassy.
lovelove, M.

Go International

Let me just tell you how far the Target chain store has come in fashion, specifically with their new line Go International featuring new and up in coming designers with looks priced for the everyday girl! Their newest designer is Tracy Feith, her line hit stores May 17th and is only there until June 20th! All of you get there fast because these looks are priceless, mod and fashionable, even the tags on the clothes are cute!

Heres most of the line:
(you may notice one of the models of the show on MTV The City, Allie)

Keep your eyes out for the newest Go International designers, right now it's Anna Sui!
lovelove, M.

My Girl Crush

Who doesn't have a crush on the Olsen Twins?

And yours truly channeling my inner MK:

lovelove, M.

"Fashion was parallel to architecture, in theory"

I know all of you must read Nylon, if not go pick up a copy ASAP. In the May 2009 issue of Nylon I came across a new designer: Julian Louie. He grew up in a artistic family, and went to New York City to pursue architecture after he finished his five year program for architecture he pursued his new love, fashion. He interned for Christ in 2005 where he hand painted chiffon dresses, and then went on to study in Berlin where he learned even more about the industry. His collection for 2009 were inspired by his upbringing in California, with neon colors washed out on wetsuits and dresses with plastic zippers. His spring/summer 09 collection, looking almost futuristic consists of many ruffles, and block coloring throughout mainly dresses.

Here are a few:

Everyone should be on the look out for new up and coming designers, and trends like these!
lovelove, M.

90s Grunge

Elle Magazine, April 2009 Issue : Smells Like Teen Spirit

(Top to Bottom: Imogen Poots, Sarah Roemer, Krysten Ritter, Isabel, Roemer, Ritter, Anton Yelchin, Freida Pinto, Poots, Alexis Dziena)

After reading, looking, observing, admiring, and loving this spread from Elle Magazine I started to analyze it. It's based of the 90's Grunge look, which is slowly growing on me. I'm very much enjoying the mix of oversized clothing with patterns, cropped shirts, blackblackblack and big chunky shoes and accessories. Although chunky looking boots like Doc Martens are not my favorite, I love them with the "Grunge" look and mixing boots with girly flower prints in dresses and skirts. The fact that this photo-shoot was meant to take place in a record store is all the more exciting for me considering I love music, and looking at records. Vintage is the love of my life, anything and everything I will love it. On top of the clothes and setting of the shoot, the models it make it even better. Anton Yelchin (from Charlie Bartlett) and Krysten Ritter (most recently from Confessions of A Shopaholic) are some of my new favorite actors and fashion icons. They both have a very different sense of style, which can be shown through this photo-shoot. This shoot almost makes me want Doc Martens, or boots like them. I should probably go thrifting soon.

lovelove, M.

Calling all decades

Recently I found a photoshoot that the magazine Glamour did with women "American Idols".
I feel in love with some of the pictures:

Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore

Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn
(both my favorites)

Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw

Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter

lovelove, M.

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