Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introduction: M.

I'd like to properly introduce myself, I'm Marissa. I'm nineteen years old and my mind is always running. I learn things, believe in things, hate things, love things.

One of my favorite loves in my life is fashion. Which is why, I have come here to tell you about my inspiration, ideas, likes and dislikes about fashion. I want fashion to be my life, I want to live and breathe it everyday. I'm a sophomore at Montclair State University studying Fashion and hopefully pursuing a job with-in fashion merchandising.

There's a million things I could tell you about myself, I should probably start off by telling you about my growing
love for vintage clothing, actually vintage everything. I am especially interested in vintage things from the 50s and 60s. Full skirts and dresses from the 50s, and the "Mod" look of the 60s with short mini skirts and dresses are what I live for. The hair, the make up, the photography, the "retro" look of everything is what I have fallen in love with. If I could, my whole wardrobe would be from vintage and thrift stores, and as a broke college student, I wish I had access to them more often.

Another love of mine is Polaroid pictures, and other types of photography. I myself own a polaroid camera, fisheye camera, film camera and digital SLR camera. I love black and white prints, developing them, printing them. Everything about photography draws me in. Polaroids however have my heart. I love the old colors of the photograph after developing it, the tinniness of them, and the fact that you can have the picture available to you right after takin
g it makes it even better. As of now I am trying to cover a whole wall in my room of my polaroid pictures, its progressing pretty well. Unfortunately they started discontinuing polaroid cameras, and film in January of 2009. It's getting harder and more expensive to find and buy film for the cameras. Which is killing me.

A few other things you should probably know about me are, I'm completely obsessed and in love with England, everything about the country, and the people. Including the accents. Although I have never visited, I plan on studying abroad there in the future. I also love music, all types but as of this week my favorites have to She & Him, M. Ward and The Gaslight Anthem. Also art is growing on me everyday, my favorite artists at the moment are Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol, Monet and the photographer Richard Avedon. Last but certainly not least is I have an a little girl obsession with the Jonas Brothers, love it or hate it, I don't care.

Because of my love for vintage fashion I have been comparing today's fashion to fashion from different decades. As of now Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, and Milly are my favorites, but that will be changing by next week.

And, I would love to be Twiggy in the 60s, please.

lovelove, M.


Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment, Marissa! I like your blog a lot! Look forward to reading more. :)

Sequins & Shadows

Marissa said...

Check out the Impossible Project for Polaroid film! It's this group of people who bought a Polaroid factory, and are making their own film.

Also, Polaroid recently started making 300 instant film again, if that helps at all.

Hope you get that wall covered!
I love the blog!
-A fellow Marissa

Marissa said...
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