Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FW 2010

I've been saving photos from all my favorite designer's FW 2010 shows and I've noticed a big trend of grey tights or socks, clogs, and ORANGES. I've never really worn orange before but all these shows are making me want something orange for my closet right now!

Here's some orange inspirations:
Marc by Marc Jacobs; Karen Walker

Doo.Ri; Daniel Vosovic

Erin Fetherston; Rachel Comey

I put together some looks on polyvore inspired from these pictures -

Lace Cardigan - Topshop, leather shorts -,
YSL clogs, MBMJ Clutch

Sheer chiffon blouse -, Plaid Skirt - Paul Costelloe,
Orange heels - Lovely People Ambrose, Tights - Targe

Leather jacket - Balenciaga, Plaid skirt - Opening Ceremony, YSL clogs,
Chanel bag, Socks -

What are your favorite trends?
lovelove, M.


Francesca said...

love the post! thanks for checking out my blog!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love Doo.ri and fun inspired outfits as well. The colors are so rich.

E said...

I'm all about brown leather right now. And that Doo.Ri look might be my fave.

Andy said...

Love the third and fifth dress!


Ally,The Vintage Valley said...

i thrifted the best pair of clogs yesterday!!! not too ugly either..i think they hit a fine line of almost being ugly haha

Zenobie said...

Those YSL clogs are so good

Joellen said...

Love your first and third collages

I'd say I'm a sucker for the current lace & mesh trend

Jessica said...


daisychain said...

I've never much considered orange before now, but damn it can look awesome.

marie said...

I'm not an orange person either but the runway looks will easily persuade me. I love the DooRi leather jacket! And your first look is everything. <3

Ansley said...

All these trends are so 70's!
I love the picture from DoorRi! really cute :)

sarah louise said...

Funny. I've been really into Orange/gold/green/brown lately, and not quite sure why. Maybe this subliminal fashion week thing. I hope it passes soon, I don't look very good in orange!

Sarah Louise

Mamushka Marie said...

those colors! ugh! just like warm apple cider...mmmm :)


Soooali said...

My mom and I are looking at the collections together. Love these!

pilcuis said...

I love the orange!!!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

polyvore number 2 and 3 are so ridiculously incredible. love all the rusty colors and the wool plaids in both!

New Dress A Day said...

From one Marisa to another :) Love!!
xx M

Sami Sandonato said...

alexander wang knee highs were my favorite!! :)

A and A said...

YSL clogs and leather high waisted shorts... favorite must have's for spring/summer.
link exchange love?


Mother of Style said...

THose YSL clogs are pretty cool- doesn't one of the Olsen Twins have apair of those?

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