Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picture Sunday: Holly Farrell

This 'Picture Sunday' is dedicated to Holly Farrell, a wonderful painter I just discovered thanks to my boyfriend, she has a wonderful talent.

lovelove, M.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Growing Up

So I finally made it home for the weekend, the snow gave me a break and my mom finally came up to get me. Today was my sister's thirteenth birthday, it's weird to think she's getting so old! & another big thing - I got my hair cut! It's really short! (well to me, I haven't had my hair this short in like four years)! I'm still getting used to it, and I need to style it myself and stare at myself in the mirror for some time then I'm sure I'll love it.

Cardigan; Zara
T Shirt; Lucky
Skirt; H&M
Tights, socks, shoes; Target

Like the new do?
lovelove, M.

Friday, February 26, 2010

London Impression

London fashion week FW2010 favorites-

Clements Riberio - so wearable, and so beautiful. The embellishing is gorgeous!

Erdem - blew my mind, in love with all the patterns so much the colors are so rich and wonderful for fall, plus the metallics.

Paul Smith Women - love the girly rocker mix, with the ripped fishnets and the floral print dresses, the colors are wonderful and so are the shoes!

all credit;
Twenty8Twelve - the velvet, thats all I have to say about this.

Overall, London impressed me as usual, but my favorite was Erdem - they were truly amazing the attention to detail in each garment is gorgeous and I love the color palette so so much.

Also, thank you to Alix from Alix Darling
for the Princess award, you rock!

lovelove, M.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be my friend?

I have decided to start a post once a month about someone that I would die to be friends with, today's wonderful woman? Grace Coddington. Since The September Issue just was released on DVD, I watched it for the second time and really loved Grace in the movie, her humor, style, creativity and the way she can put an idea together into a photo shoot truly amazes me. In the movie they show pictures of her when she modeled for Vogue, she's gorgeous. Oh and it doesn't hurt that she's from Whales (the British accent wins it all).

credit; google

In August 2008 Vogue did a shoot based off their own Creative Director Grace, the shoot even showed Grace's uncontrollable hair and love for cats:

Vogue also has an interview with her online, here are some of my favorite questions and answers on being in The September Issue:
"What was your reaction the first time you saw the movie?
Shock! Shock that I was in it as much as I was. I thought I would end up on the cutting-room floor. . . . It has happened before.

What’s it like watching yourself on-screen?
I’d much rather see myself in a still photograph than a moving one, because a still is more controlled and they can get rid of the double chins. I really thought I looked younger than that.

What’s the secret of surviving for 27 years in fashion?
Twenty-seven! Are you kidding? Do I look that young? Try 50!
There is no secret—just by absolutely loving what you do. Maybe it looks easy in the film to get great pictures. But there’s a lot more lead up, which you wouldn’t want to film because it’s boring. There’s all the wheeling and dealing to get the people to do the picture. There’s making sure you get the best clothes first, getting the right photographer and model, hair and makeup. The precise team is all-important. I do not accept second best. That’s my strength and my downfall, at the same time. Because I’m so stubborn I often do end up getting what I want. Even at school. On my reports it used to say, “Grace has a sweet way of getting her will.” I mean, I AM aware that sometimes I can be very annoying."
credit; voguedaily
Read the rest of the interview here

Grace Coddington, be my friend?
lovelove, M.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Private Tour

Last Friday I was grateful enough to get a private tour of Barney's NY with my fashion club at school, I really had no idea what to expect because I've never even set foot in Barney's! Our tour guide (Taylor) was a very educated on Barney's gay man that had worked there since 1994. He knew all the in's and out's and told so many stories.

Did you know....
+ Goyard bags started the vinyl monogram, not Louis Vuitton.
+ Alexander Wang worked for the fashion director of Barney's
+ Frederic Malle is a genius? (more about that later)
+ Kid's True Religion jeans are $150 (ew)
+ Barney's discovered not only Seven Jeans, but also Giorgio Armani!
+ Barney's has a very well known selection of jeans, and the employees should be able to look at you and tell you what size, style and brand of jean would look the best on you
+ Barney's started as a men's wear store in Brooklyn that was known for discounted items

credit; google
I got a tour of each floor of Barney's and found out why they group designers the on different floors, why there is certain displays, and how a designer's collection moves from floor to floor. I was so impressed with their Co-Op floors with more up and coming designers like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Christopher Kane, Marc by Marc Jacobs and so much more, I got to touch such amazing garments from so many designers, I really was dying the whole time, even our tour guide could tell and gave me a minute to freak out over the Marc Jacobs clothes and bags!

There was a trunk show going on with L'Wren Scott, which was so wonderful to see, all the clothes right from NY Fashion week hanging in front of me, still labels on which model was wearing what, and I saw people trying on the most gorgeous pieces. I feel in love with her FW 2010 collection while standing there, here's a little of it.

I saw a women trying on the pink dress in the middle, the fabric was to die for!

I also got to test out the most amazing invention ever by Frederic Malle, a chamber where perfume was sprayed and you literally got to smell every stage of the perfume at once, instead of half of the smell on a little piece of paper. He collaborated with "some of the best noses in the business" said Taylor our tour guide to make perfume scents that have yet to be made, a collection called Editions De Parfums and let me tell you..they all smelled wonderful! You can look through them on sale at Barney's here, and at their website here

This might be the most writing I've actually done on this blog yet, but I suggest next time you are by Barney's stop in, and amaze yourself!
lovelove, M.
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