Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Style Inspiration: January Jones (ha ha)

New year, new style inspirations. I missed these posts considering every month I have a new celebrity that I'm freaking out over because of their style, this month is no different. I have only recently started watching Mad Men (I know, I know what the hell was I thinking...) anyway, of course after watching the first season I now love January Jones. Gorgeous lady that one.

Here's a little January Jones style for you all.

image credit; google

so classy.
lovelove, M.


Michelle said...

Ahhh, I haven't started watching Mad Men yet, but gosh do I want to!

liz said...

Ohmygosh, she's just fabulous! I can't wait to watch this season this summer!
Welcome back to blogging by the way :)

alexandra cecilia said...

I havent watched Mad Men yet... I get I'll have to. And yea! she is classy. I love her sweater on the second pic...Is it 3.1 Phillip Lim?

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