Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green With Envy: New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

I can't believe I've been so horrible at updating this for so long, almost a whole year. I'm finally starting to feel inspired enough again to start this little old thing back up. There's no better way then to show some (a lot) of my favorites from New York Fashion week that just past. I loved this season even more than usual because of all the ways to see the "inside" of fashion week with backstage pictures, accessory pictures and more thanks to blogs, tumblr and twitter. I felt like I was there watching live streams of shows - my favorite being MBMJ and trying to spot all my favorites at Glamour. It's really becoming a huge way of connecting through the internet to the designers. I can't help but be more excited to see what's coming. Hopefully it's finally me at fashion week..

There were so many collections I fell in love with this season, which usually never happens. I couldn't narrow it down, so I picked ten. Well I had around 15 of my favorites and narrowed it down, I figured you guys wouldn't want to see that many.

Araks - this is one of the many designers I learned to love while at my internship, mainly because of the gorgeous sheer maxi everything. Which doesn't fail this season, thanks Araks.

DKNY - Woah is this collection wearable. I never like DKNY enough to actually rave about it here, but I can't help but love all the pieces as separates and as an outfit. Everything is so wearable and so in trend. It's perfect for my new wardrobe? Yes.

Derek Lam - Again with the maxi skirts, which I conquered by the way at my internship and now love wearing. Back to the subject, the shapes are the best.

Jill Stuart - I can't even begin to explain my love for this collection. I think it might be my top 3 which surprises me I never love Jill Stuart this much! But how can you not with foxes, owls, leather, sparkles and jewel tones. Come on. It's genius.

3.1 Phillip Lim - This cobalt blue is all over the runway, and because of it I've been painting my nails this color for two weeks. This is my inspiration for the rest of winter.

Yigal Azrouel - I've posted the Pre Fall collection for Yigal, saying how much I loved it. This didn't fail to meet my expectations. I love the pale pink and greens, the combination goes amazing together. The men's wear ties and collared shirts are a perfect match for those colors.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Even if I hated this collection there's no way I wouldn't put Marc on the list. He's amazing, but so is this collection. Foxes (again.) COME ON! Red leather bags, bold prints, Green (again!) Metallics. I can't even.

Bodkin - I never really noticed Bodkin before, but this collection caught my eye because of the shapes, I love the boxy shapes of the dresses, jackets and skirts. It's perfect.

Proenza Shcouler - This collection blew my mind. The accessories (that white necklace) the colors (cobalt! again!), the textures, the layering. It's just simply gorgeous and amazing.

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Last but not least, Creatures of the Wind - another new favorite, the patterns and the vintage look went straight to my heart.

Back with London and Milan soon, and more outfit posts. I swear this time!
lovelove, M.


Meagan said...

I loved the DKNY show too! Who knew?!

Anjelica said...

yay! a nice succinct recap of the best looks for girls like me that haven't even had time to browse runway photos. much appreciated, and good picks!

Normanktxw said...

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