Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Style Your Sole

Today my fashion club at school had a 'Style Your Sole' Party sponsored by Toms Shoes. I've been meaning to talk about Toms Shoes for awhile now so this is the perfect opportunity. I finally got my first pair today and was so so excited. They are probably the most comfortable shoes I've worn in a very long time, and so worth the money. I totally support the company and what they do. A Secret? I've wanted these ever since I found out that Hanson wears them and supports Toms Shoes (silly huh? - it's okay I still love Hanson and always will).

Toms Shoes were created with the idea of that every pair bought a pair will be donated to children in need - One for one.
You can find out more about the movement here

Teen Vogue recently had a contest with Toms Shoes to style them and all then entries were amazing but this was the winner - so awesome.

When you buy a pair all of this comes in the box, I'm so excited about the flag!

Shirt and Belt; Delias reconstructed by me
Cut Offs; Thrifted
Toms Shoes!

For more Toms Shoes: Facebook, Twitter

lovelove, M.


Liz said...

I would love some printed Toms! You look so cute :)

Anonymous said...

I like how you chose just cream! (off white, or are they white?) Toms remind me of indigenous shoes from around the world, like half espadrilles, half boating shoes from 50's Italy. Super comfy. Congrats on your new pair. :)

Meggstatus said...

I love that your so bold with your love for Hanson, I too was a fan back in the day, and yes I have watched their most recent video.

I need to get myself a pair of tom's they look so comfy!!!

Oh and I'm sending the purse tomorrow, I have an unexpected day off so I finally have time to spot by the post office.

Sydney said...

I love my Toms, I wear them almost every day! And I really love the winners of the contest, those are awesome.

Caitlin said...

I love your toms! Stylish, and donating to a good cause. I'm going to have to get a pair soon, I think i'd choose the white/cream pair as well. :) those printed once are amazing though I wonder if they'll actually ever be for sale with that design.

Jolie said...

The winner's design is too cute! Your outfit is adorable!

Yary and Sary said...

love these photos!
gorgeous girl.. and i really love the shoes.

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

you pull this look off perfectly with you dark hair, beautiful!
also, great shoes

C, x

annabelle said...

love 'em! had never heard of tom's shoes before but they do look comfy, and fit so well with your look (and i guess many other looks too!) X

Darling L said...

They do really look so comfy!! :)

Lis-x- said...

Lovely shorts! Cannot wait to get my legs out for warm sun!

Lis xXx
Off The Wardrobe

La pépite modeuse said...

Great pictures :)
Love yours shoes !
Your blog is amazing !

Josie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josie said...

I did a post on TOMS quite recently and am COMPLETELY obsessed with them right now! I love the yellow linen ones that are out right now -- I think they're so fresh for summer!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab and I absolutely can't wait for more!
xxoo Josie

Kallie said...

Those are really cool! I wanted a pair last summer, maybe its time to take the plunge :)

Jacquie said...

oohh, i like them, perfect for summer! what makes them even better is the moral behind the manufacture of those shoes. you've worn them well, i like!

Little Ocean Annie said...

So glad to hear people raving about Toms! They ate so great and for such a great cause! You look so awesome in this outfit!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

WHAT!? you have a fashion club? this sounds like the most amazing school ever.

annnd you look adorable.

idée_géniale said...

Oh I have these in the same color! They go with everything I own. so be careful, they get dirty pretty fast! but I threw mine in the washer and let them air dry and they were like new!
I'm just wondering what pair to get next, i'm not sure about the printed ones but I like the one from the teen vogue contest! arg, decisions,decisions. Oh and I never got a flag and have two pairs???:(

Anonymous said...

I love your shorts and you have got such a lovely figure.

Dena x

Etnies Shoes said...

very funky shoes - all of 'em! but first one in the third row caught my eye ;) plz check my fashion blogs.

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