Wednesday, July 28, 2010

13 years of waiting

Yesterday I went to the Shout It Out Hanson tour, as you all know I was really excited even though it was my second time seeing them. This time was way better - front row for the concert, right in front of Taylor's face all night AND I MET TAYLOR AND ISSAC. I know some of you liked them when you were younger, this was like a 7 year old me dream come true, I'm still so happy obviously! I even got a picture with Taylor (one of the only people that did hehe). They really put on a great show too, I had so much fun.

Dress and belt; Zara
Shoes; Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters
Necklace and sunglasses; Forever 21

For those who are interested here are my favorite pictures from the night!

the security guard ruined the picture, I plan on photoshopping that out when I have more time hahah
lovelove, M.


Anonymous said...

I love that shirt dress and the necklace! You look so chic! I have one of Hanson's new cds (not the newest one) and used to love it! I love the Jonas Brothers now though aha

Justice Pirate said...

You know, i feel badly for these men. They were famous so early on and sounded all small kiddish that people judged them as children instead of their musical talent. I didn't really care for them when they came out, plus I am Taylor's age and people always told me I looked like him which made me angry because that meant to me that I looked like a boy, even though people said they all looked like girls. Anyway fast forward to 2000 when I was 16, I fell in love with Isaac. I wanted to marry him. Maybe it was because of his haircut and "Love Song" that I still cry to, but This Time Around really is one of my favourite albums and I was always a closet Hanson fan since then, and I feel badly about it because I love their music. I went to their site a few months ago and tried to get a song a month from this album but for some reason i kept forgetting my password and email address to their site and didn't have time to resign up. I have all their albums other than this one (and I don't have the first two because honestly, I don't really care for them). You reminded me that I really have to go get it now. It is all out now right? I am so glad that they have been doing so well in their musical lives and in their marriages and families. I really think they prove that some child stars make it through if they concentrate on God and their music more than their fame. They have never given up even though they aren't hugely known these days at all like they were in say 1997.

Congratulations on meeting them and hearing them play live.

Allyson said...

So awesome! I loved Hansen when I was young, too! I would secretly be all about that show. Very secretly.

I can't believe they are all married now! SO WEIRD!

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