Friday, July 9, 2010

July Style Inspiration: Kirsten Dunst

My July style inspiration is the super cute and cool Kirsten Dunst, now I've loved her ever since her iconic role in Bring It On (for many of you that don't know I was a cheerleader for 9 years, captain of my high school Varsity squad and more) so I've loved her for a long time but her style has evolved so much since then, and I'm so proud to say "I loved her when..." She has become a major it girl in the fashion industry.

credit; fashiontoast, google, the budget babe

lovelove, M.


Stacey Kay said...

I love her too!

Stacey Kay

Sami Sandonato said...

I'm majorly jealous of the course you're taking at FIT, but I love this month's choice, she's awesome and I love her in virgin suicides.

Jen said...

oh my god i adore kristen dunst! her style is always so classic chic :)

avalonne lou summers said...

I'm not a fan of Kirsten's acting, but I gotta admit I do love her fashion style. I prefer her more casual outfits to her gowns though. I do love that Miu Miu outfit, her platinum bob looks amazing!

Liz said...

She has such cute vintage-y style. Thanks for sharing these I never would have thought of her first when asked about fashion muses, but I've gotta say, I like it!

Clara said...

she's lovely!

Catarina said...

She is very cute and has really cool style. She looks very laid back.

LittleRachael said...

I love her style!

Little Rachael Vintage

rebecca said...

Please tell me you've seen Virgin Suicides!

Oneechan said...

Kirsten Dunst is so pretty, stylish and down to earth! AND she's a great actress too! She is a true inspiration; bot in style and behaviour.
It's impossible not to love her <3

xx Sophie

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