Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chloe does it again!

I saw the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Pre Spring 2011 collection and was so excited, although it's been floating around the internet so much in the last days I had to post about it here. I'm in love! All of it is so young, fresh and gorgeous.

First I want to show you some pictures from the Presentation Chloe and Opening Ceremony put together. Thanks to Rob Pruitt blogging live with a million pictures here. Lots of polka dots, animal print and purple lipstick. I never though purple lipstick would look so good!

credit; Opening Ceremony (all pictures taken with Rob's iPhone)

These are the official pictures of the collection, which kind of remind me of Calivintage's photo shoots on top of her apartments haha!

what do you think?
lovelove, M.


Anonymous said...

looking oh so cool and great as always! love her! might seen my little vid post of her over at my place!


beeble said...

love your sunglasses! so excited, loving the looks.

Starr Crow said...

why is this girl so amazing? same question for those shoes? look at the platform on those things. 2nd dress down on the right... MINE!! if i could ever save up enough money. maybe I can find one at the thrift store instead!

Mallory said...

LOVING the collection! I want all of the dresses. And the shoes! :) Swoon!

libys11 said...

omg, wow!!!! im absolutely in love!! thanks for sharing these! :D

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Rosie said...

Yeah she is basically the shit. Pardon my french.

Justice Pirate said...

awww I miss her long hair!!
I love a couple of these outfits a lot.

Raquel said...

I'm not a really big fan of Chloe (and I'm sorry to say it but you wrote her name wrong) but the dresses of the collection are really pretty, though I'm not liking so much those shoes.

Kallie said...

i really like patterns, especially these little delicate ones. the pics are fantastic.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love that first lookbook shot. Also loving the leopard print dress, and accents such as the leopard socks.

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