Thursday, June 10, 2010

Resort Attire

It's time for me to share my favorite Resort 2011 collections, let me tell you there was so many that I really enjoyed, I'll only share a couple here. The trend I mostly noticed was Straw hats, boater hats and hats hats hats! I'm really excited for this to be a 'trend' because I'm starting to fall in love with straw hats more and more and on the subject...I need some more.

Marc Jacobs: If you all don't know already that Marc is my favorite then there's something wrong. I'm completely in love and obsessed with him and this collection again proves why I love him so much. The vintage inspired looks, hats, makeup and shoes are all amazing. The detailing of the pockets, lines are wonderful. The POLKA DOTS AND TANS are amazing with the feminine laces and pastel colors. I can go on and on, it's gorgeous.

Erin Fetherston: Again with the hats and the vintage inspired clothing. A lot of menswear pants, and long sleeves. Soft colors with the pops of coral red and gorgeous silks. Oh! and how amazing are those black platform heels, I would love to own those.

Oscar De La Renta: Oscar is another one of my all time favorite designers so there is no question that I would love this line. All the gorgeous dress are a must in the collections but I really loved all the prints, they are so different for Oscar, and the nautical/americana look with deeper reds/burgundy and navy. Once again the straw hat trend.

What are your favorite collections?
lovelove, M.


The Droll Doll House said...

The Marc Jacobs collection is by far my favourite, it's just so feminine and classic!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

oh, yes Marc is a genius! always something fresh and new with a twist! loving Erin and of course the wonderful Mr. De La Renta! but as well as Stella McCarthy collection!

rebecca said...

That's odd, I just bought a dress identical (well, mine has a peter pan collar) to the nude erin fetherston one from Urban Outfitters. WIN! :D

Zoe said...

Oh goodness, I love it all so much! I think the Erin Fetherson is my favorite though.

Your blog makes me smile!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

You have no idea how much I'm loving the Marc Jacobs and Erin Fetherston collections. I want I want I want (haha).

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Great collection!

E said...

The hats!!! I want a boater hat in the worst sort of way and these make it so much worse!!!

April said...

Ahhh! Wish I had a resort to go to to wear those clothes.. and the money to buy them, and the money to go to a resort. haha

Times of Delight said...

I love all of these collections, but I have to say Marc Jacobs is my favorite.


MJ is all over fashion blogs this week, but not Oscar de la Renta. I'm so glad you featured this collection, as it's one of my favorites this season!

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